WINzid 3214

WINzid3214 is a broad-spectrum biocide for use in recirculation and service water disinfection.

The growth of biology in water circulation systems, service water plants or filters impairs the performance of industrial plants. At the same time, the efficiency decreases, which means an increase in costs and a reduction in the service life of plants.

Bacteria, algae and fungi that are introduced into water-bearing systems through the air usually find ideal living conditions. The water is warm, oxygen-rich and usually loaded with nutrients. Within a very short time, a biofilm initially forms, which a little later becomes a biorase. In heat exchangers, the heat transfer is reduced and the materials are corroded under the coatings. In filter systems, the oxygen consumption can become so great that anaerobic processes can take place with the formation of putrefactive gases. This results in unpleasant odours.

Among other things, legionella can also grow. If water is sprayed, an aerosol is formed - these are the smallest water droplets in the air - which can contain legionella bacteria. This aerosol is inhaled and can cause an illness similar to pneumonia.

In order to prevent disturbances and protect people, control of the microbiology is necessary. WINzid3214 fulfils this control while using minimal quantities and protecting the environment as much as possible.

The advantages of WINzid3214 speak for themselves:

- it ensures sustainable control of the microbiology,
- can be used up to a pH value of 4 - 8.5 and up to 60 °C,
- does not influence the pH value,
- does not increase the corrosion rate
- is biodegradable,
- does not foam,
- does not contain heavy metals
- is very effective against legionella bacteria.

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