• Your operating costs are too high because of...

    Very short service lives

    Long downtimes

    High maintenance costs

    Corrosion and furring in the machines

  • You want to have...

    Process reliability

    Plannable maintenance

    Predictable maintenance costs

    Long machine service life

With our know-how you will have time for what you really care about: Your core business!

Our key competencies

  • High specialization

    If you are using water jet cutting machines or high-speed steam generators our water- and wastewater treatment is the perfect solution for you.

  • Usability

    Our products are covering one purpose: to facilitate the work of our customers.

  • Standard range

    Our standard range solves the biggest problems of our customers: short service lives and high maintenance costs

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  • Scientific background

    Our whole product range can be grounded on scientific evidence.

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Your EKOWA value

  • Time and energy saving

    You have a problem with your waterquality? We take care of the problem analysis, we prepare treatment proposal and provide you with a suitable solution. Put you water into our hands and will have time for what you really care about: Your core business.

  • Short delivery times

    You need something? We deliver it right away! You will receive our products within 2 to 7 seven days by default.

  • Less downtime and predictable maintenance costs

    With our products you will reduce the machine wear – the maintenance will be predictable and the associated costs will decrease.

  • Easy handling

    Usability is the key – Our products contain only essentials. Our systems are delivered pre-assembled. They can be integrated into your water supply in a few simple steps.

In 4 Schritten zurück zu Ihrem Hauptgeschäft

  • 1

    Problem analysis

    Contact us, explain your problem and send us a watersample.

  • 2

    Treatment proposal

    Based on the information you gave us and the wateranalysis we prepare a treatment proposal.

  • 3

    Integration of the solution in your company

    After 2 to 7 days you will receive our systems of the standard range. Our standard solutions are quick and easy to integrate by a technician.

  • 4

    Take care of your main business

    After the installation you will have time for what you really care about: Your main business.

What our clients say

Our HD-seals now last twice as long!
We have to change our waterseals only once a month, previously every 2 – 3 days!
We save cash due to significantly shorter downtimes.
Easy installation and handling.
Our process reliability has increased significantly and we say thank you for the expert advice.
Finally something that keeps what it promises.

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