WINplus 1271 fl

WINplus1271fl is a chloride-free buffering agent and neutralising agent. Water can become acidic through the industrial process itself and/or when iron or aluminium-based flocculants are used by splitting off acid. In this case, there is a risk that the pH value slips so far that flocculation only works partially or not at all. Disruption of the treatment process are the consequences. WINplus1271fl brings the pH value back into the neutral range and ensures that the water is buffered.

By using WINplus1271fl flocculation can be restored quickly and optimally.

- it is liquid non-toxic
- is not corrosive
- is easy to dose
- in normal use, overdosing is not possible,
- increases the pH-value up to max. 8.0 to 8.5
- increases the carbonate hardness of the water
- promotes the flocculation of flocculants containing iron and aluminium
- is also suitable as a neutralising agent in case of acid accidents.

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