WIN-L-4135 (UO)

WIN-L-4135 is a phosphate-free product from the boiler water treatment series. It is a multifunctional product for hardness stabilisation, oxygen binding and steam alkalisation. The hardness slip of water softeners leads to the formation of deposits in the boiler system, which impedes heat transfer, reduces economic efficiency and usually necessitates costly cleaning. Carbonic acid that enters the condensate network and is not neutralised leads to corrosion damage that can destroy the condensate network and heat exchanger. Oxygen in the boiler water leads to destruction of the boiler, condensate system and pre-boiler area. Maintenance costs and even possible operational shutdowns are the result.

Softening systems have a hardness slip that lies in the range between 0.1 and 0.3°dH. This slip leads to scale in the boiler, which impedes heat transfer and can cause serious damage. If water containing carbonate is used for steam generation, carbonic acid forms in the boiler. This carbonic acid acidifies the condensate so that acid corrosion occurs due to the low pH value. Severe damage is the result. Oxygen is dissolved in the water up to 20 mg/l. The thermal deaerator removes this oxygen down to 0.1 mg/l. If the thermal deaerator does not function properly, oxygen enters the boiler via the feedwater tank and also the condensate system via the steam.

By using WIN-L-4135, the hardness is stabilised, the residual oxygen content is effectively and quickly bound in the entire boiler area and the carbonic acid in the condensate is neutralised. Also available as a UO variant for reverse osmosis water.

- stabilises the hardness, scale can no longer form
- disperses iron compounds, so that they can be removed from the boiler with the blowdown
- is liquid and can be dosed diluted or undiluted
- reduces the formation of foam in the boiler
- can be detected with a special test kit
- is economical in use
- supports passivation through the formation of magnetite
- is free of heavy metals and contains an organic catalyst
- simultaneously binds residual oxygen and increases economic efficiency

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