WIN-L-4130 (UO)

WIN-L-4130 is a phosphate-free product from the boiler water treatment range. It stabilises hardness, disperses iron and is used to condition boiler sludge. The hardness slip of softening systems leads to the formation of deposits in the boiler system, which impedes heat transfer, reduces efficiency and usually requires costly and usually necessitates costly cleaning. Softening systems have a hardness slip that lies in the range between 0.1 and 0.3°dH. This slip leads to scale in the boiler, which impedes heat transfer and can and can lead to serious damage. Also available as UO variant for reverse osmosis water.

- stabilises the hardness, scale can no longer form,
- disperses iron compounds so that they can be removed from the boiler with the blowdown,
- is liquid and can be dosed diluted or undiluted,
- reduces foaming in the boiler,
- can be detected with a special test kit,
- is economical in use,
- supports passivation through the formation of magnetite,
- is free of heavy metals,
- simultaneously binds residual oxygen and increases economic efficiency,
- has been tested by the VdTÜV in accordance with § 27 of the Ordinance on Steam Boiler Systems and approved under test number 02-KG-61.

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