WINfloc 7709

WINfloc 7709 is a flocculant in the industry series and can be used for the specific applications of water treatment, focusing filtration improvement.

Water can contain turbidity from a variety of causes. To use the water as recycled water again for the operation, the turbidity must be removed. This is generally done at slightly polluted waters by sand filtration. The addition of colloidal particles WINfloc 7709 are reloaded and made filterable. The result is clearer water, which can be used in the production.

- is very effective from a temperature above 5°C
- operates at a lower dosage
- does not color the water
- does not affect the pH - value
- is liquid and can be easily dosed
- can be used as primary flocculants
- is economical in dosage
- does not form large quantities of sludge
- operates over a wide pH - range

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