WINfloc 7418cf

WINflox 7418cf is a flocculant from the industrial series and can be used for many applications in water purification.

Water can contain contaminants for a variety of reasons. In order to discharge the water into the receiving water or to use it again as recycling water for operations, the contaminants must be removed. This is generally done by sedimentation. However, small particles sediment very slowly, so enlargement is necessary to increase the sedimentation speed.
If metal salts are used in flocculation, colouration, pH - lowering or large amounts of sludge can result.

These effects can be prevented by using WINfloc7418cf.

- still forms flocs even at low temperatures
- requires a much lower dosage than the use of the use of metal salts
- does not discolour the water
- does not influence the pH value
- is liquid and can be easily dosed
- can be used as a primary flocculant
- is economical to dose
- does not form large amounts of sludge
- works in a wide pH range

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