Dosing pump with pulse water meter and system separator on a wall bracket made of 3mm stainless steel, console dimensions without devices: 30x16x14cm (LxWxH), Canister footprint 35x30x40cm (LxWxH), Proportional, fully automatic control allows the connection of up to 20 cutting heads (like EKOWA Dulco 60)



  • Small, compact system on a stainless steel wall bracket
  • Completely pre-assembled
  • Little need for space
  • No transferring, because the delivery containers are used directly
  • Wall required for attachment
  • Holes for 3 mounting holes



High Pressure Pumps for water jet cutting and water jet cleaning



Extension of the service life of the HD pumps and the water nozzles, lower maintenance costs and this exemplified by a statistical analysis of the company Finepart Sweden AB:

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