Water treatment system
for water jet cutting

Dosing device quantities proportional

Dosing device for wateradditive consisting of a Metering Pump, a storage container with level switch and level indicator, system separator and contact water meter 0,25l Impuls distance.


Dosing of the wateradditives during water jet cutting and for water circulations

Customer Value

Fully automatic proportionally dosing of the wateradditives approximate to the water

Wateradditive EKOWA-2054WSi

Wateradditive to reduce corrosion and deposition in the High-Pressure Pump. The Wateradditive EKOWA-2054WSi is eco-friendly and does not contain any dangerous substances.


High Pressure Pumps for water jet cutting and water jet cleaning

Customer Value

The service life of the High Pressure Pumps and the water nozzles will be extended, lower maintenance costs

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