WINfloc 7915

WINfloc7915 is a precipitant from the industrial series and can be used for heavy metal removal applications with a focus on mineral, electroplating and all industries where heavy metals need to be removed from the water.

The origin of the heavy metals can vary. Removal by precipitation with hydroxides is usually incomplete because some metals are amphoteric and soluble in both acids and alkalis. Precipitation as sulphide involves dangers, as work may be carried out in the acidic range and the formation of highly toxic hydrogen sulphide is to be feared.

These effects can be prevented by using WINfloc7915. WINfloc7915 is suitable for the precipitation of the following heavy metals: Mercury, cadmium, copper, lead, silver, zinc and nickel.

- requires a significantly lower dosage than other precipitants
- does not discolour the water
- has only a negligible effect on the pH value
- is liquid and can be easily dosed
- can be used as a primary flocculant
- is economical to dose
- does not form large amounts of sludge
- works in a pH range of 7 - 10
- shows a clear increase in potential during precipitation

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