About Us

Fast. Easy. Efficient.

This is what we stand for

  • Our Mission

    We want to improve your waterquality so your water has the best conditions for your purpose.

  • Our aim

    To reduce the costs and make our customers happy.

  • Our promise

    The reduction of downtimes and maintenance costs – You will have more time for your main business.

Our values

  • We are fast in delivery

    We at EKOWA start immediately. From the first sample to the integrated solution usually takes no more than 7 working days. The development of a solution for special projects depends on the conditions.

  • Simple solutions – this is what we stand for

    Your Problems are complex, our solutions are simple. Our solutions are easy to handle and you do not need special knowledge.

  • Our solutions are efficient

    Water is a resource and water is life. With our products, we ensure that our customers can optimally and efficiently use their machines and the production factor of water. We analyze your water-specific production processes and offer tailor-made solutions.